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There is also another word that comes to mind when I think of the Fels: intrigue. Since his Imperial Academy graduation Soontir has been involved in political and military intrigue at the highest level. His son, Jagged, has followed in those boots, as did his brother, Chak, at least to some extent. Matriarch Syal Antilles Fel was the holostar who became an unlikely participant in conspiracies and deceptions in order to protect her own.

The Fels are a group of individuals with strong family bonds, yet each has his or her own fascinating story. In my mind, they are the only family who could match the Solo-Skywalkers for rich history. Kay: I agree with all of the above.

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We have so many individual characters in the Star Wars universe and for a majority of them we never get to know their families or hear much about them. The Fels give this connection to other parts of the galaxy that those characters from the movie might not have had as deeply or at all otherwise. Soontir Fel is a long-time fan favorite. Why does he attract so many fans, both male and female? He was a badass pilot who loved his wife and respected his marriage. He was one of the first examples I remember of an Imperial being shown as something other than a caricature of the faceless bad guys of the Star Wars universe.

He appealed to both sexes for those same reasons — girls dream of being fighter pilots, too! In addition, I think Soontir was the first major Star Wars character to have a romantic liaison and marriage play out in print. To this day, there are just a handful of such romances but each forged a strong, significant family. Regardless of whether the audience is male or female, family is relatable.

What is your favorite Star Wars moment any era involving the Fel family or its members? Impressive, most impressive actually, for making a characterization statement. Jag is unaware that Leia and Han have heard his private thoughts from inside the Falcon. Kay: Any time a Fel is showing their flare for strategy and master tactician skills is my favorite moment. While I appreciate the hotshot pilot moments, showmanship of that kind is super badass. What do you think about their limited involvement in the EU?

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Tricia: Fanboys and fangirls alike are fascinated by the characters. There have been hints to their backstory involving the Empire of the Hand and its relationship to the Chiss Empire.

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Additionally, Wedge and Syal are brother and sister, so there are dual ways to explore the family dynamic. I think fans would enjoy the continuity and characterization implications of pursuing more with these characters. Has it been an opportunity under-utilized? In talking with other fans and listening to discussions at conventions, it is obvious that the Fel Fanbase is out there…waiting. While it is realistic for families to be pulled apart by major events, people like the Fels would take every opportunity to be in touch with one another.

With the release of every new novel, my first quest is to find references to my favorite characters, including Jag.

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In my heart of hearts, I always hold out hope that there might also be mention of any other member of his family. Should I one day find a large role playing out for Soontir, Syal, or Wynssa, my fangirl squeals of delight would burst a few eardrums! That would be one HUGE chocolate brownie sundae moment! Kay: I know there are a lot of characters in the Star Wars Expanded Universe but with the ties the Fel family already has to a lot of the big players in the Star Wars books, I hope we can count on seeing more of them.

Like Tricia said, there have been hints of what has been going on but after a while just having hints gets a little frustrating. Mary: Agreed. Strange as it may seem, I would take their disappearance personally, and grieve for those amazing characters. I would be really disappointed if the rest of the family did disappear even though I concede that great new characters can and probably will come about. In my opinion the family seems on the precipice already.

How could anyone look the gift horse in the mouth that is the potential of Han and Soontir in the same room after Jaina and Jag are married? So, we want to hear from you. Are you a Fel family fan? But such concepts were no more than abstractions to them. Their only reading matter was prayer books and an ancient family Bible. Traveling to the Lykov homestead on foot was astonishingly arduous, even with the help of a boat along the Abakan. Isolation made survival in the wilderness close to impossible.

Dependent solely on their own resources, the Lykovs struggled to replace the few things they had brought into the taiga with them. They fashioned birch-bark galoshes in place of shoes. Clothes were patched and repatched until they fell apart, then replaced with hemp cloth grown from seed. The Lykovs had carried a crude spinning wheel and, incredibly, the components of a loom into the taiga with them—moving these from place to place as they gradually went further into the wilderness must have required many long and arduous journeys—but they had no technology for replacing metal.

A couple of kettles served them well for many years, but when rust finally overcame them, the only replacements they could fashion came from birch bark.

Since these could not be placed in a fire, it became far harder to cook. By the time the Lykovs were discovered, their staple diet was potato patties mixed with ground rye and hemp seeds. Stands of larch, spruce, pine and birch yielded all that anyone could take. Yet the Lykovs lived permanently on the edge of famine. It was not until the late s, when Dmitry reached manhood, that they first trapped animals for their meat and skins. Lacking guns and even bows, they could hunt only by digging traps or pursuing prey across the mountains until the animals collapsed from exhaustion.

Dmitry built up astonishing endurance, and could hunt barefoot in winter, sometimes returning to the hut after several days, having slept in the open in 40 degrees of frost, a young elk across his shoulders. More often than not, though, there was no meat, and their diet gradually became more monotonous. We were hungry all the time.

Every year we held a council to decide whether to eat everything up or leave some for seed. Famine was an ever-present danger in these circumstances, and in it snowed in June. The hard frost killed everything growing in their garden, and by spring the family had been reduced to eating shoes and bark. Akulina chose to see her children fed, and that year she died of starvation. The rest of the family were saved by what they regarded as a miracle: a single grain of rye sprouted in their pea patch.

The Lykovs put up a fence around the shoot and guarded it zealously night and day to keep off mice and squirrels. At harvest time, the solitary spike yielded 18 grains, and from this they painstakingly rebuilt their rye crop. As the Soviet geologists got to know the Lykov family, they realized that they had underestimated their abilities and intelligence. Each family member had a distinct personality; old Karp was usually delighted by the latest innovations that the scientists brought up from their camp, and though he steadfastly refused to believe that man had set foot on the moon, he adapted swiftly to the idea of satellites.

Certainly the eldest son would have encountered little resistance from Natalia, who always struggled to replace her mother as cook, seamstress and nurse. The two younger children, on the other hand, were more approachable and more open to change and innovation. She thought nothing of hard work, either, excavating a new cellar by hand late in the fall and working on by moonlight when the sun had set.

He was the most curious and perhaps the most forward-looking member of the family. It was he who had built the family stove, and all the birch-bark buckets that they used to store food.

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It was also Dmitry who spent days hand-cutting and hand-planing each log that the Lykovs felled. Karp Lykov fought a long and losing battle with himself to keep all this modernity at bay.

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When they first got to know the geologists, the family would accept only a single gift—salt. They welcomed the assistance of their special friend among the geologists—a driller named Yerofei Sedov, who spent much of his spare time helping them to plant and harvest crops. They took knives, forks, handles, grain and eventually even pen and paper and an electric torch. On their rare appearances, they would invariably sit down and watch. Karp sat directly in front of the screen. Agafia watched poking her head from behind a door.