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It is a huge island filled with difficult puzzles. Because of this, it is said to be among the hardest islands on Poptropica. Then, walk over to the Clockwork Cantina and complete the gear puzzle near the broken robot. Place the two brown gears on the ends and the three blue gears go in the middle.

Turn the crank when they're all in place. Now pick up the Multi-Tool that just appeared on the ground. Now walk to the right and you'll see a garbage bin. Jump up on it to get the Steam Battery. Walk to the right again and go inside the Museum. Run to the right and you'll see a big yellow bulldozer-like machine. Click on the blue lever to raise the arm. Then jump up on the platforms and make your way to the upper-right corner. Watch out for the darker, smaller platforms which will crumble and fall when you step on them. Grab the dirty beaker out of the broken display case on the top right.

Then exit the museum. Go back to the Clockwork Cantina. Jump up and click on the blue lever here. A mechanical ramp will extend. Run up it and then jump onto the steam chutes to fly up and over the tower. You should land on top of a glass dome. Use your multi-tool to open it and then go down inside. You're now inside the Mayor's office. Check out the painting and the note on the typewriter, which give you an important number to remember for later: Leave the office, jump back down to the street and run to the left to enter the next zone.

Pass by Sully's shop and go to the blue building in the middle. This is the living quarters. Jump up the platforms on the left side and then run past the door.

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You'll see a robot crab here. Jump up and land on top of him to make him bounce and flip over. When he does, he'll drop Sully's key. Pick up both the key and the robot crab. Drop down to the street and go to the next building on the left. Jump up onto the steam chute and leap up to the roof. You'll find an old vine here. Pick it up.

Run to the right until you get in front of Sully's Steam Powered Paraphernalia store. There's a Steam Terminal here. Use the steam battery in your backpack. You'll get a puzzle here where you have to regulate the steam pressure in the terminal. The starting pressure is 10 and the ending pressure needs to be 5.

You need to adjust the valves so that the pressure will lose five points as it travels to the end. Once you get inside Sully's you'll find a robot in the right corner.

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It's Sprocket! Go pick up the rubber mallet from the junk box in the left corner. Leave Sully's and Sprocket will follow you. Head to the right to return to Main Street. Run all the way to the right side and then proceed onto the next zone, known as the Hub. When you arrive in the Hub, run along the ramp until you get to a metal hatch that is glowing red-hot.

If you try to click it, you'll see it's much too hot to touch. Walk up to it and use the robot crab in your backpack. Sprocket the robot will take it from you and then drop the poor crab on top of the hatch. The water from the robot will cool down the hatch so that you can open it up. Go down the hatch.

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When you get to the bottom of the ladder, Sprocket will look pretty scared. Make your way down the pipes until you run into a plant monster living inside them. Use the old vine from your backpack underneath the sign that says, Caution: Hot Steam. This will spray steam onto the plant monster and kill it.

Move along to the bottom left of the room and you'll find the bottom of an elevator. Click on the round hatch above. Now you'll need to solve three levels of a ball tilt maze game that's a lot like the classic wooden box Labyrinth game. Spin the wheel either clockwise or counter-clockwise with your cursor to get the ball to the center. After you complete all three levels, the elevator will power up. The men had made fun of him as if his poverty was a betrayal of his homeland.

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The gabachos treat me as if this is their country and I am the trespasser , he fumed. They are the foreigners, soft norteamericanos. I can outwork them any hour of the day and all day. But the stark truth of the slur deepened his sense of alienage in this unfamiliar border town. He felt worn, dirty. His pace slackened. Clutching the strap of his small canvas backpack, Miguel stepped back for three passersby, two men and a woman, well-dressed norteamericanos, hurrying along the sidewalk.

They did not acknowledge him, and he stared at their backs while they crossed the street and disappeared around the corner of the stucco port-of-entry building.

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He hated their wealth, their self-assurance, and that they were headed for warm houses. Miguel glared at the fence, hating it too, dreading it, yet knowing he had to cross it. His mind flashed back to the day, intent on helping his father repair the roof of the church, he had tried to climb the spindly ladder propped against the high wall but panicked and froze.

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Coached by onlookers, he tried to inch his way down but loosened his grip and cascaded over the final rungs to the ground amid jeers and laughter. Concha had been there, but she had not laughed. Shamed, he did not try to climb the ladder again, but Concha did. She had worked on top of the roof with his father doing the job that he had meant to do as he had slunk away calling the spunky girl names.

He could not quit this time; he was a father, and he and Concha had children to feed.

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The melancholy corrido, carried on the night air from the jukebox in the cantina, faded, replaced by the sharp notes of a trumpet and a baritone voice belting out a ranchera tune. It might as well be now!

Miguel strode back along the sidewalk until the fence was again in darkness. Hesitating for a moment to avoid the headlights of a passing car, he ran across the street and brushed his way through the waist-high shrubs. He jumped as high as he could and grabbed the steel chain link above his head. Breathing heavily from the adrenalin rush, he pulled himself up, but the blunt toes of his boots could get little purchase in the small, diamond-shaped openings. He dropped back and tried again. Struggling to remain calm, he hooked his fingers through the links and tried to walk his lower body up the panel.

You can only free one of them, and they reveal the following:. First Guy - lights a lamp in the same room, to unlock a treasure chest, also in the same room. Treasure is regular materials loot. Third Guy - says they buried treasure somewhere in the dungeon. Freeing him reveals sparklies just to the right of the ot the treasure chest in the same room. After learning all three, I picked the second guy, but not sure of the outcome yet. You only get one choice, so choose wisely. I can just make it. Not sure if bug, or tons of battles needed.