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Who could blame her? The subject was easy too, it's the foe of every writer. But it shouldn't have been. And it was terrific each time. It was a clever, well-structured story about inspiration, murder plots, and marriage. It was the best in the book in my opinion, I'm surprised to not have seen in in best-of books.

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Jack Campbell - Highland Reel - He wanted to write about the Highland for some time so choosing Macbeth was a no-brainer. It was a preachy story about choosing reality based on the squeezed out and evicted Highlanders over a fake Brigadoon -ish village modeled after the dreams and fantasies of the conquering Lowlanders. Twain has always been a favorite and he believes, as Hemingway did, that Huck Finn was the beginning of American lit. So he layered some of Farmer's themes and tropes into this story as an homage to him.

Jordan , so that worked its way into the story as well. In this story the river is the Styx and the riverboat captain, one of many because Hell is so huge, is our titular Karen. Who had an affair with a yeti who re-named himself Tom Sawyer offscreen before the story began. Mark didn't come off too well in this story, for a guy the author loved so much, he could have at least made him charming in addition to being a drinking, gambling, whoring, weak guy who takes advantage of people. I wonder what the author thought Hell was, since it had yeti, Asian dragons and a whole lot of aliens.

Definitely not a Judeo-Christian destination. The only traditional thing was demons that were half-goat and red. It was a relatively entertaining if odd story. It felt like he was trying a little too hard, it had too much going on. Which she was justifiably thrilled by.

A different Gale, but still. Everyone loved this when it came out, it was nominated for tons of awards and probably won some of them.

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I didn't like it. This is from my review at the time: "Blatant attempts to tug at my heart strings bug me. It's clear from the beginning where this story is going. And it has some issues, in my opinion. I didn't get why having "that" Dorothy from Kansas in it actually added to the story, it would have been just as effective and moving with any young girl and family, it was just distracting to me. But the biggest thing is that Elma kept worrying about how guilty she'd feel for leaving her husband to die alone, but she never worried about how much regret she's feel for all of the time she could have spent with him while he was still alive.

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She loved this man, how could she not be upset at the idea that she'd miss spending his last months or year with him, as hard as they would be? I've been a caregiver for terminally ill people and as hard as it is, you also cling to every moment with them. It should have been a part of the her decision-making process. It was really weird that it was all about guilt and not at all about sadness, regardless of what decision author intended for her to come to.

He isn't usually so silly too. I didn't know he was so interested in religion. It was a cute little Creation story, silly but amusing. It most bothered him that they let the story default into the standard Evil Computer plot. Because the idea that people wouldn't accept the virtual perfection of the Matrix, as stated by Agent Smith to Neo in movie one, seems nuts to Kelly.

Now they have rehab for addicts, especially in Asia. People would be busting down the doors for a good virtual reality. What if they never wanted to come out? The question is, why would that be so bad? And somehow, that led him to using The Declaration of Independence as his prompt. Five kids in the near future had to do a project to graduate from high school or to become adults or something. They had to show that they could be cooperative with anonymous team members from their virtual society by planning a project that had offline outcomes.

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A brother and sister were at the center of the team and the heart of the story. She was a typical teen. He was an accident survivor who now had significant physical disabilities and limitations and tremendous chronic pain, the word fibromyalgia was used. I certainly empathized with his desire to escape "the meat" he was trapped in for a better virtual world. It was a good story. View 1 comment.


Mar 10, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , fantasy , mystery. Any short stories not having their own entries will be reviewed in the overall anthology. Begone - Daryl Gregory I was informed by images of many a psycho killer across the genre, but while I was kinda meh through most of the story, the ending made up for it.

If I must put a reaction to it, I have to say it puts a new spin on the whole women's lib movement. I want to say we've got a self-hating man, too, and well beyond the point of emasculation. The concept is interesting on the surface, but deep Any short stories not having their own entries will be reviewed in the overall anthology. The concept is interesting on the surface, but deep below the psychopathology, it revels in how little power men have over their own lives in the presence of women.

It's fantasy, granted, but its message is a double edged sword. It compliments and insults women equally. It started out pretty good, full of immediacy and excitement, reminiscent of a Miltonesque scene, but by the end, I just couldn't connect. Let all of them die was all I really got out of it. Kinda funny if you think about it, but not so much. I'd almost have rather have seen a cross pollination with a secret society of lizards with human faces set as English Aristocracy, but again, that's my burden.

The Evening Line - Mike Resnick Not normally my cup of tea, but it was amusing to see a bunch of wizards in a bar back and bet on a bunch of floozies who wanted to marry a wizard slob who had just won a lucrative bet. Its light tone and quasi-humorous chicagoboys was obviously a homage, but having failed to read the original series, this was at least good for a few smiles. Now days, they're hit or miss. Unfortunately, this one was a miss. It was a bit too disjointed and it staggered about like a jerky zombie.

I don't mean to be cruel. It's the decision to write it as a constant restart that turned me off. I also sometimes like stories that break the fourth wall, but this one was just annoying.

No offense! I'm not judging the author as a whole, after all, I am definitely a fan of some of her books and short stories!

Sounds heroic, no? Well there's little action and just a smidge of romance, but at least there's a few slices of history and idealism to make it interesting. The MC is out of time and place.

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  • I enjoy such things as much as anyone, but I think I might have liked this better as a full novel instead of what boils down to a few scenes. I enjoyed the alternate history of WWII with quantum teleportation in the hands of Russia, but more importantly, I loved the amount of details that let me visit it.

    Declaration - James Patrick Kelly Somewhat interesting tale of declaring one's independence of life in favor of a better virtual life. It had a fully integrated worldview, nice reasoning, and solid premise in direct contradiction to the Matrix's postulation. It was a good take, but I think more could have been happening. Karin Coxswain, or Death as She Truly Lived - Paul Di Filippo This one was a truly fun and raunchy tale of a demon from her own perspective and how she dealt with a sloppy ex who fell into her lap after he died.

    It was her dialogue and internal dialogue that really shined. Like I said, it was very fun. Fireborn - Robert Charles Wilson Well developed mixing of an interesting alien species and humans who dance together. Pretty imagery. They were well crafted, bordering on awesome. To a lesser score, the firedancer's lives and reincarnations were very interesting. Deceptively simple.

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    It's kind of a writer's wet dream. It was pretty cute. Oct 01, Dustin rated it liked it Shelves: anthologies , fantasy , short-stories , science-fiction. Fun anthology, neat idea. Simple, neat, cute. Just not my thing. Steele: This is what Moby Dick should have been.