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And then it all goes to hell! Will Ash triumph over his own "bad" self? Read on true believers, the future is decided here! Issue 2 features the Black Terror in a full-on rage as he takes the battle to the head of state - the President of the United States! For his sake, we sure hope not! Each issue will feature a cardstock cover ala Marvel's Secret Invasion and Civil War and is co-plotted and art directed? Plus, issue 2 will feature three exciting covers, a main cover painting by Alex Ross, a special 1 in 10 chase cover by Mike Lilly and a special 1 in 15 chase cover by Golden Age Great George Captain Marvel Tuska!

Recommended for Mature Readers.

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Bad Boy features Jason, a little boy who comes to realize his parents aren't his parents, and that he's part of a sterile experimental community. Originally produced as a strip for the Brit'sh Edition of GQ, Bad Boy is now a powerful piece of graphic fiction as only Miller and Bisley can produce!

Featuring an all-new cover by Bisley, created exclusively for this Dynamite Hardcover Edition, this new production presents the lost classic as the creators originally envisioned! Meanwhile, Kurt and his comrades come face to face with the full horror of war on the Russian Front, in part two of the three-part "The Night Witches". An all-new Highlander mini-series event spanning the ages as Connor MacLeod searches for the lost sword of his mentor, Ramirez!

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  2. The One That Got Away.
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  5. JT Mike Turner's Fathom Krul provides the incredible script which spans the Highlander mythos, while fan-favorite artist Carlos Rafael provides the stunning visuals and connecting covers! JT Michael Turner's Fathom Krul provides the incredible script which spans the Highlander mythos, while fan-favorite artist Carlos Rafael provides the stunning visuals!

    This TPB collects all four issues of the series, along with a complete cover gallery and more! Our first series of Jungle Girl adventures is heating up as more secrets of the island and its cast-away's are revealed! Each and every beautiful page is provided by series artist Adriano Batista along with the beautiful colors of Frank Martin!

    From the stunning conclusion of the first season to the exciting opening of our new season of stories, Jungle Girl delivers action, excitement, twists, thrills and the finest illustrations of dinosaurs and the female form found in comics today! Don't believe us? Just check those covers! And that's just the beginning Featuring two covers per issues, one by the incomparable Frank Cho and the other a 1 in 4 chase cover by Adriano Batista!

    The best-selling video game from Pandemic Studios is the next new Dynamite Entertainment comic book event! Mercenaries the game has revolutionized the world of 3rd-person action-shooters by putting players in the middle of real world combat with the kind of freedom only a mercenary has.

    Issue 2 weighs in at another impressive 40 pages, all under another stunning Michael Turner cover! But all is not as it'seems and betrayals abound! Dual revelations rock the rag-tag fleet as a routine Viper patrol puts them on the edge of a bizarre scene - Cylon Raiders attacking one of their own Basestars!

    As the Cylon Basestar crashes into an ocean-covered world, Adama and Starbuck discover a bizarre creature that appears to be a Cylon Centurion engulfed by diseased flesh. The Cylons are sick and the apocalypse has begun! Grillo-Maruach is joined by Battlestar artist Carlos Rafael, along with colourist Carlos Lopez for this special comic book event, collected here for the first time!

    Written by Brandon Jerwa, with art by Jonathan Lau and covers by Dennis Legion of Super-heroes Calero, Ghosts 3 continues the all-new story of a previously untold group of humans desperate to survive the devastation brought on by the return of the Cylons!

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    Dynamite Entertainment continues their successful run of Galactica "origins" with an all new series focusing on the characters and events of the award-winning Sci Fi series! First up is a story by Kevin Fahey writer on the show and prot? This four issue opening series in our all-new Battlestar Galactica spotlight is illustrated with careful detail by Fabio Laguna, who also provides the cover features a photo cover from the re-imagined, Emmy-Award nominated, show!

    In this issue: Adama is face to face with a terrorist Army as he deploys himself Kara, Hadrian, Cottle, Helo and a team of Marines to take on the terrorists headquarters.

    Books by P.J. Ryan

    But when push comes to shove, can Adama pull the trigger on his former Commander? The most unexpected cross-over beings here! Painkiller Jane meets the world of the Terminators! Dynamite's fist inter-company cross-over begins here! Now, she comes in between a female T Terminator and its prime directive, but will Jane's enhancements be able to keep her alive long enough to see her own future? Look for the action and excitement to continue next month in Terminator 6! Dynamite enters the land of the dead with an all-new Zombie tale set in the middle of a full scale zombie infestation! This time though, there's a twist as Dynamite puts the "living" into the living dead!

    From its shocking opening to its ever-evolving cast of doomed humans facing an overwhelming number of the undead, Raise the Dead sets a new standard in horror storytelling - and all the gory details will be presented in full color! This Over-Sized Hardcover reprints the entire 4-issue mini-series as well as a complete cover gallery featuring Sean Phillips and Arthur Suydam! This month, writers Michael Avon Oeming and Brian Reed, along with artists Homs and Vinnicius continue to weave a powerful tale of life under the brutal hand of Kulan Gath and Sonja and her companions race to raise an army to face the greatest evil the world has ever known!

    Plus, don't miss the original art Ron Adrian foil cover edition! But what does that mean? Red Sonja learns many answers concerning her life's recent mysteries in this latest issue from Brian Reed and Walter Geovani , but she also learns her adventures in this strange new world are just beginning! Dynamite continues to present the most the most savage stories that comic creators have ever told! Each issue of the bi-monthly Savage Tales will feature a rotating cast of characters and creators featuring the savage and brutal worlds of Red Sonja, Thulsa Doom, The Ripper and Sellsword!

    Sellsword Part Two By Doug Murray and Diego Bernard: A decidedly different take on the lone swordsman caught amidst a battle between two warring and sorcererous families continues here! All under two "savage" covers, one by Arthur Suydam and the other from legendary artist Pablo Marcos with Stjepan Sejic colors!

    Thulsa Doom mini-series! Sonja has been infected by Doom's madness as the She-Devil races to confront the self-made "god" while Doom himself wages war with the old gods! The plot thickens as Little Nina's backers are revealed, and the Boys dig deeper into the mystery of the exploding supes. Hughie learns the delicate art of prisoner interrogation, and Vas lets slip the secret of the Black Skull Vodka Plus: Cavendish continues to fall back into old habits as his quest for the lone ranger and his revenge continues.

    The Lone Ranger Rides Again! In this special Lone Ranger and Tonto adventure, something dark and murderous is moving through the frontier, and it's up to The Lone Ranger and Tonto to put a stop to it. But once they find it, will they be able to face it? Featuring Blondie, Tuco and flashbacks to a younger Blondie's early adventures!

    Oh right, issue 2 of the sequel to the surprise none more than us, I tell you what! And it takes two writers to put this together?

    Works (15,009)

    Whatever it takes, I guess In all heh! Featuring two covers by series artist Miguel Montenegro! Following the opening origin arc Zorro: Year One , Wagner continues to script, art direct and provide covers for our second story arc! This time out, we're welcoming artist Cesar Rezak to the team for this 6-issue arc!

    In issue 9, a new love interest is introduced as Zorro continues to be hounded by the military men that he's made to look so foolish and incompetent. Featuring covers by Wagner and a 1 in 4 chase cover by Francesco Francavilla!? Inspired by all of the best Zorro has been as well as the best-selling novel by Isabel Allende , Matt Wagner has crafted an exciting tale of adventure, revenge and intrigue! Incredibly illustratedby Francavilla, Zorro This hardcover collection reprints issues of the series along with a complete cover gallery featuring Matt Wagner, John Cassaday, Mike Mayhew and Ryan Sook!

    The Boys Definitive Edition Volume 2 features bonus art materials, selected script by Garth Ennis, a complete cover gallery and more! Due to the high cost of creating the Dynamite Definitive Editions, The Boys Definitive Edition will be printed and limited to initial orders.